Demonology - On the Operation of Demons - Psellus c. 1050 ce - the nature and activity of devils


The Byzantine savant Michael Psellus / Psellos (11th century ce) was instrumental in the survival of much pagan literature that would go on the be the foundation for the Hermetic and Occult revivals in the centuries that followed him. In this episode, I explore one of his most influential texts Περι ενεργειασ δαιµονων διαλογος / De operatione daemonum - On the Operations of Demons which describers the nature and activity of the various species of demonic entities along with their various weaknesses (fear of iron, especially swords), etc. This text would prove foundational for all later develops in demonology among both Inquisitors and Witch-Hunters but also among Occult Philosophers and Ceremonial Magicians.

Recommended Reading:

Psellus / Gautier (standard, reliable version) - Le De daemonibus du Pseudo-Psellos -
Collisson (English translation, not always reliable) -
Skinner edition of Collisson - 978-1912212125
Greenfield - Traditions of Belief in Late Byzantine Demonology - 978-9025609627

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