David Hume - Empiricism (Mysteries of Knowledge)


Intro to Ideas of the eminent Scottish #philosopher, David #Hume . From his influential contributions to #empiricism and Depths of the Unknown, the Mystery of Knowledge. Everything Is a Belief
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Key Points:
00:00 - Introduction: empiricism, a theory of knowledge.
00:48 - Essence of Empiricism: Defining empiricism as a theory that posits all knowledge stems from sensory experience.
02:15 - Perceptions and Knowledge: Highlighting that empiricism asserts our perceptions are the cornerstone of all knowledge.
03:32 - Empiricism vs. Rationalism: Contrasting empiricism with rationalism
05:11 - Ideas from Experience: Explaining how empiricists with David Hume
06:57 - Process of Abstraction: Describing the process of abstraction.
08:26 - Inductive Reasoning in Science: Connecting empiricism to the scientific method.
09:41 - Cumulative Knowledge: Exploring the concept of cumulative knowledge in empiricism.
11:30 - Knowledge and Memory: Emphasizing the role of memory in knowledge acquisition and how experiences, retained in memory.
13:28 - Limitation of Empiricism: Acknowledging the limitation of empiricism in ...

15:26 - Anti-Dogmatism in Empiricism: Explaining the anti-dogmatic nature of empiricism.
17:27 - Empiricism and Belief: Emphasizing that, within empiricism, everything is considered a belief.
19:47 - Imagination within Empiricism: Addressing the role of imagination in empiricism.
21:38 - Discovery of Novelty.
➡️ video Description:
Why David Hume ?
Whether you're a seasoned philosophy enthusiast or a curious mind seeking to understand Hume's ideas, this podcast provides a comprehensive and beginner-friendly guide of Empiricism . Tune in for an intellectual adventure that navigates through the high seas of Hume's philosophy, bringing clarity to complex concepts and shedding light on the standard of taste.

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