Canaanite Magic and Divination - Ugaritic Texts on Healing, Astrology, the Evil Eye & Hangovers!


The ancient myths, rituals and magic of the ancient Canaanites spent millennia known only through an Israelite lens, darkly. That is, in large part, until the discovery of the ancient lost city of Ugarit and the cuneiform tablets preserved in the fires that doomed the city as part of the Bronze Age Collapse. In this episode, I'll be exploring the precious remains of the divinatory and incantation texts which provide us a glimpse into the rituals by which these ancient Canaanites sought to peer into the future, counter evil magic and even cure a divine hangover!

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Coogan & Smith - Stories from Ancient Canaan - 978-0664232429
Gregorio del Olmo Lete - Incantations and Anti-Witchcraft Texts from Ugarit - 978-1614516279
Pardee - Ritual and Cult at Ugarit - 978-1589830264

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