Manly P. Hall: Astrology, Ecology and Epidemical Diseases

Here we have yet another example of how Manly Hall could speak about a subject 60 years ago, and have the message resonate with equal importance in our lives today. In this gem, which was recorded in Los Angeles on March 2, 1958, Mr. Hall speaks about earthquakes, sanitation, the atmosphere, and climate change - and relates them all to the rise and fall of diseases and epidemics involving influenza, cholera and other ailments.

• The Old Farmer's Almanac of which Hall spoke is still in print today.

Historical Context:
In the year before this lecture, 1957, a pandemic of influenza virus (H2N2) broke out and eventually killed over 1 million worldwide, and over 100,000 in the United States. By this time, a vaccine had been developed and deployed. Also, Hall mentions the polio vaccine, which was temporarily suspended in America by the Surgeon General in 1955. 5 years after this lecture, a safer, more effective polio vaccine was developed and successfully administered to millions around the world.

Hall's analysis of ancient and Medieval thoughts on the cleansing properties of the ocean and atmosphere is interesting. His veneration for the care of the biosphere is clear throughout his career, long before the green movement or rise in environmental concerns in the public sphere.

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Manly P. Hall
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