Bret Weinstein: Truth, Science, and Censorship in the Time of a Pandemic (Lex Fridman Podcast)


Bret Weinstein is and evolutionary biologist, author, and co-host of the DarkHorse Podcast. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:
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EDIT NOTE: I edited this episode quickly and made a couple of mistakes in how rough the cut looks. One weird cut is after the 2 hour mark, where it sounds like Bret is about to make a point, but I actually interrupt him for clarification and then go of on a tangent and never return. I edited out the interruption which made the cut look weird. I failed here both as an interviewer and editor. I'm trying to get better at both, and hire help for the latter, since I still do it all alone. Please be patient with me.

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0:00 - Introduction
3:14 - Why biology is beautiful
10:47 - Boston Dynamics
14:11 - Being self-critical
24:19 - Theory of close calls
32:56 - Lab leak hypothesis
1:06:50 - Joe Rogan
1:16:00 - Censorship
1:52:49 - Vaccines
2:06:35 - The paper on mice with long telomeres
2:34:18 - Martyrdom
2:43:03 - Eric Weinstein
2:52:23 - Monogamy
3:04:41 - Advice for young people
3:11:25 - Meaning of life

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