Alan Watts - Taoism - 05 - Landscape, Soundscape


Discover the beauty and wisdom of the natural world in this captivating video featuring philosopher and author Alan Watts. In this fifth installment of his Taoism series, Watts explores the concept of landscape and soundscape, and how they relate to the Taoist understanding of the universe. Through his signature blend of humor and insight, Watts shows us how to cultivate a deep sense of connection and reverence for the natural world, and how to find peace and harmony in the midst of our modern, fast-paced lives. Join Watts as he takes us on a journey through the landscapes and soundscapes of the world, and shows us how to rediscover the beauty and wonder that surrounds us each day. Tune in now for an inspiring and transformative exploration of Landscape, Soundscape.

Alan Watts Taoism
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