Alan Watts - Taoism - 02 - Wisdom of the Ridiculous


Discover the wisdom of the ridiculous in this captivating video featuring renowned philosopher Alan Watts. In this second installment of his Taoism series, Watts explores the concept of "wu-wei," or the art of effortless action, and how it relates to the Taoist notion of "the wisdom of the ridiculous." Through his characteristic humor and insight, Watts challenges us to re-examine our preconceptions about what is "normal" or "rational," and to embrace the absurdity of life as a path to greater freedom and joy. Join Watts on a journey into the heart of Taoism and learn how to cultivate a sense of playfulness and spontaneity in your daily life. Tune in now for an engaging and inspiring exploration of the wisdom of the ridiculous.

Alan Watts Taoism
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