Yeshua: The Lost Chronicles Of Jesus Christ


In this riveting episode, we delve deep into the entire lifespan of the greatest being to ever walk on planet earth and Terra. Yeshua of Nazareth also known as Jesus Christ. Let's dive into the lesser-known aspects of the life of Yeshua.. This journey takes us on a quest to unearth the lost and forgotten years of a figure whose impact on human history is immeasurable. Drawing from a plethora of ancient and recent sources including the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, the Nag Hammadi library, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the writings of the historian Josephus, we embark on a voyage of discovery that promises to reshape our understanding of Jesus/Yeshua and his message that was distored by the Roman Empire.

Our expedition commences with a revelation that transcends conventional narratives - the notion of an Annunaki birth. This captivating revelation propels us into the realm of cosmic spirituality, where the origins of Yeshua are shrouded in profound mystery. The Annunaki connection, a tantalizing thread woven through the fabric of ancient texts, invites us to consider the divine lineage of this extraordinary figure.

In the culmination of this episode, we gain a fresh perspective on the real Jesus/Yeshua, a cosmic spiritual luminary who stood at the crossroads of ancient wisdom and timeless truth. His legacy extends beyond the confines of any one religion, inviting us to explore the boundless expanses of Christ consciousness - a universal message of love and enlightenment that transcends the ages. He was truly a messiah.

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0:00 The Introduction
2:17 Yeshua's Cosmic Mission & The Anunnaki Connection
5:05 The Egyptian Mystery Schools
10:09 The Tibetan Monastery
16:03 Yeshua's Crucifixion
19:09 Yeshua's Return
20:27 Constantine's Era & Yeshua's Legacy

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