What happens if you sleep on your left side is amazing (8 Zen Stories)


What happens if you sleep on your left side is amazing | 8 Zen Stories

Immerse yourself in a journey of personal and spiritual growth through 8 Zen and Buddhist stories that address issues crucial to mental well-being and emotional balance.

This video offers unparalleled inspiration, combining age-old wisdom with motivation and practical advice for your personal development. Explore the power of sleeping on your left side, self-healing and inner resilience, discover the secrets of breathing and the incredible influence of water on health.

From spiritual motivations to inner awakening, each motivational story is a precious personal growth pill that pushes you towards a winning mind and a deeper spiritual search. Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey towards greater awareness and lasting inner well-being, embracing zen advice that illuminates your path of personal and spiritual growth.

This video is an invitation to explore the vast potential of your mind and spirit, opening the doors to inner growth and self-realization.

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0:00:00 What happens if you sleep on your left side is amazing
0:11:31 The Power of Self Healing
0:19:11 The Secrets of Breathing
0:26:25 The Power of Water
0:36:38 9 strange events that happen to you during your sleep
0:47:30 The Power of Water in Curing Diseases
0:57:20 Defeat these diseases by holding your legs up
1:09:44 The Extraordinary Power of Sleep


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