What Biblically Accurate Angels Look Like (And Why You Wouldn't Want to Meet One)


Angels have a reputation of being glorious and beautiful, but is that really the case? In today's episode, we'll be analysing several of the angels from the bible, biblical apocrypha and the classification of angels made popular by Christian mythos. When we look at the angels such as the Cherubim, Seraphim and the Ophanim, we start to realise how terrifying these creatures really are and how like us, many biblical characters also expressed the same wonder and concern. Where many angels do maintain the more humanoid appearance that we've come to expect, some of these angels look like they belong in a completely different mythology... or a horror movie.

★ Chapters ★

0:00 Intro
2:23 Cherubim
14:35 Seraphim
26:38 Ophanim
40:18 Thrones
43:13 Old Testament Angels/Malakim
45:17 Dominions
47:45 Virtues
48:39 Powers/Authorities
50:30 Principalities
53:19 (Bonus: Nephilim)
55:19 Fallen Angels
58:14 Closing Thoughts

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