To imagine self knowledge to be simple is an illusion by Rudolf Steiner

(July 10, 1917)

"To imagine self-knowledge to be simple is an illusion. The I is complex; we encounter it as a shadowy picture in the conceptual sphere. This picture is the seed of what will become our I in the next life, as the seed in a plant will become plant the following spring. It can be enriched if man develops a sense for the hidden connection between events. Example of the gypsy and Rousseau. The I which is sought through the will works across from man's former life on earth. By developing a sense for hidden karmic connections, man can gain insight into life in the spiritual world before birth. Example of the meeting between Bernstein and Stepniack just before the death of the latter. Wrong comparisons lead to wrong conclusions. Example of triangle and worm."

From "A collection of 8 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner given between May and July of 1917. (CW 176)"

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