Thor - The Defender of Man (Norse Mythology Explained)


Thor is a very well-known god due not only to being featured in movies, but in the English days of the week. Yet despite this notoriety there has been perhaps less focus on understanding him and his function in the ancient Germanic religion. This documentary attempts to answer some of the questions surrounding Thor and help to better understand the power and meaning he holds in everyday life as well as unlocking some of the mysteries of his myths.

00:00 - The Beginnings
01:30 - The Names of Thor
02:55 - The Hammer of Thor
09:56 - Historical Worship & Powers
15:54 - Thor, Saint Olaf and the Rosette
21:00 - Thor vs Odin
23:57 - Sacrifice to Thor
25:55 - Origins of Thor
28:38 - The hidden myth concerning Thor
32:31 - The home and family of Thor
40:30 - Thor and the sun
43:30 - Thor's guise
46:05 - Thor and goats
47:20 - Thor, Loki and UtgardLoki
52:53 - Thor contests the waters and his fate

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