The Trial of God: Was He Invented? | Judging Yahweh, the God of the Bible


The Bible, a revered sacred text, is rich of divine narratives, but it also houses tales of divine wrath and moral paradoxes that challenge our contemporary sensibilities. Our video dares to delve into these complex narratives, seeking answers to questions that have confounded theologians and philosophers for centuries.

We begin our exploration with the creation of humans, the very first act of God as recorded in the Old Testament. We question the moral implications of this act, considering the inherent flaws and the capacity for evil that humans possess. Why would an entirely good God allow for such potential for wrongdoings?

The God of the Old Testament is a formidable entity, a power that commands both reverence and dread. This video aims to dissect this divine power, to understand its actions, and to question its moral standing. We examine these instances not to pass judgment, but to understand the context and the moral framework within which these actions were taken.

Our exploration is not confined to the Old Testament. We also venture into the New Testament, where the image of God evolves into a more compassionate and forgiving entity. We probe into this transformation and question what it signifies about the nature of God and the evolution of human understanding of the divine.

This video is not just an examination of the actions of God, but also a reflection on our own morality. By questioning the actions of the Almighty, we are also questioning the foundations of our own moral judgments. What does it mean to be good? What does it mean to be just? These are questions that we grapple with as we navigate through the divine narratives.

The end of our journey lead us to the story of Abraham, a pivotal figure in the Bible, and delve into the context of Sumerian mythology and the Anunnaki.

The story of Abraham, a man chosen by God, is one of faith, obedience, and sacrifice. However, when viewed through the lens of Sumerian mythology and the Anunnaki, it takes on a different hue. The Sumerians, one of the earliest civilizations, had a rich mythological tradition, and the Anunnaki were a group of deities in their pantheon.

In the video, we explore the parallels and contrasts between these two narratives. We question the moral implications of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son at God's command and compare it to the stories of the Anunnaki. We delve into the complexities of divine obedience and human morality, challenging our understanding of right and wrong.

The video brings names involved in researches about this topic such as Thomas Römer, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.

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