The Spiritual Life of the Lodges originated in Central Europe by Rudolf Steiner

(8 January 1917)

Exhortation to members not to misrepresent these lectures. The Austro-Serbian conflict and the World War. Russian and British imperialism. Russia’s attention drawn away, from India and towards the Near East. The chain reaction, Britain in Egypt, France in Morocco, Italy in Tripoli, the Balkan War. The Grand Lodges as implements of occult impulses. The democratic trend in the world paralleled by an aristocratic trend in the Lodges. German Idealism transforms the mysteries of the Lodges into a purely human matter. The spiritual life of the Lodges originated in Central Europe: Fludd, pupil of Paracelsus; Saint-Martin, pupil of Jakob Béhme. Sir Oliver Lodge: materialistic view of spiritual matters. Fichte: Reden an die deutsche Nation. Polzer-Hoditz: Thoughts during Wartime."

From "The Karma of Untruthfulness Volume 2 - CW 174"

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