The Roman Impulse and the Anglo Saxon Impulse ar both rooted in Persian Culture By Rudolf Steiner

"The two main streams of nineteenth century: formally juristic Roman Catholicism on the part of the Latin nations with their spiritual and ideological struggles and, arising out of social and industrial practices, the economic mode of thinking of the Anglo-Saxons with their problems of power. Both streams are ultimately rooted in Persian culture, Catholicism in the Ormuzd worship, the Anglo-Saxon element in Ahrimanic initiations. Joseph de Maistre, the knowledgeable and brilliant representative of ancient Catholicism; his battle against the spirit coming into vogue since fifteenth century. The necessary counterbalance and renewal through a free spiritual life. Goethe's insight concerning this; his reaction to debate between Cuviers and Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire."

From "Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy (CW 204)"


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