The Real Story of Giordano Bruno (Why Was He Burnt Alive?)


Who was Giordano Bruno? Why was he Killed? and Why did the Catholic Church cover up his Death?
Continuing our Series on the History of Pantheism, the Story of an Immanent God, with the Renaissance Mystery Giordano Bruno. Scientist? Mathematician? Philosopher? Mystic? Martyr?
Exploring the Mystery of The Man who Bet his Life Against the Catholic Church and Won, His Gambit, His Poem, His Universe and His Miracle.

00:00 Who was Giordano Bruno?
03:35 “From the Generation He Foresaw”
05:18 The Story of the Missing Documents
11:46 What was Bruno’s Heresy?
16:11 False Dichotomies & Bruno’s Intuition
20:14 A Majestic Semblance
25:33 Bruno’s Most Dangerous Idea
27:27 Maybe they were right?
28:48 Sorry, not sorry
32:16 Alternative Theories
34:52 Was Bruno Suicidal?
39:06 The Art of Memory
47:13 “Miracles greater than Christ”
48:56 A New Philosophy
55:27 Gamble, Silencing, Poem
57:56 Arrest, Trial, Sentence and Execution
1:03:28 Burning Words
1:07:26 Conclusion

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