The Principles of Healing ~ Spirit Science 70


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The subject of ‘healing’ is a huge conversation, with a very deep and wide range of modalities. From east to west, the kind of medicine which is considered ‘traditional’ varies greatly. In finding which works best, one must take into account how their illness came about in the first place, from every dimension of observation.

What emotions have we left unprocessed? What food and drink are we consuming; what is their nutritional content? Are we connected to the energetic blueprint of Spirit? All these factors play a part in our overall wellbeing, or the lack thereof.

In this episode of Spirit Science, we take a look at what makes (or breaks) one’s health, from the perspective of our multidimensional selves. We cannot fixate on only one ‘method’ to inspire healing, we must realize that health needs to be tackled from the perspectives of both body, mind, and spirit.

The truth is, every form of medicine has its proper place. The more aware we are of the root causes of our illnesses and diseases, the easier time we will have in addressing them at their core, and guaranteeing success in our healing.

This episode was based on the book “Scientific Healing Affirmations”, by Yogic Master Paramahansa Yogananda, and we highly encourage you checking it out if you want to go deeper into this subject.

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Animations by Jordan River
Additional Art by Wipalo

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