The Great Taking Author Warns, The System Was Created to Take All Your Money, No One Gets Spared


In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, David Webb, the author of The Great Taking, delves into his early financial career in New York City. He shares insights into how his journey in finance led him to uncover the profound financial upheaval following the Asian financial crisis, a narrative that unfolds in his book The Great Taking.
“For a long time, I understood the privileged position of the people behind the central banks and their ability to control everything through creating money out of nothing,” he states. Furthermore, he explains that the “elites” exert their control by means of warfare. “When we go back through history, we can see that the central banking power is joined at the hip with warfare, and it always has been,” he explains.
Additionally, he points out that the creation of central bank digital currencies must be stopped, asserting that their inception reflects the central banks' ambition to exert control. "They want instability; they are not capitalists." Watch the video to discover how people need to be better prepared in case of another financial meltdown.

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