The Goddess Natura by Rudolf Steiner

(September 12, 1924)

"Continued preparation of the Michael stream through the individualities of Christian Aristotelians and Platonists. Christianity illuminated in the School of Chartres through traditions of the ancient Mysteries. The Goddess Natura. The planetary Intelligences and the spiritual Powers in the fixed stars. Radiations of the living spirituality of the School of Chartres. Until the time of the School of Chartres the Platonic souls are working, and then the Aristotelian, who now begin to descend from the super-sensible to the physical world and to teach in the Dominican Order. The service of Michael is continued in Scholasticism. Rudolf Steiner's experiences in connection with the Cistercian Order. Founding of a far-spread School of Michael in the super-sensible worlds at the time when, in the age of the Spiritual Soul, materialism took its start on earth."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 4 (CW 238)"

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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