The Galactic Lyran-Orion Wars (Part One)


Journey into the enigmatic depths of a forbidden cosmic history, hidden within another dimension and universe. Across the vast expanse of the galaxy, witness the emergence of the very first humanoid beings in all universes, as they rise from obscurity united in their unwavering resolve to protect their homes and safeguard the heritage of their civilizations.

Delve into the ancient chronicles of the cosmos, revealing the forgotten tales and lost lore that shape the fabric of existence itself. This is not merely a saga; it is the untold history of the universe, waiting to be unveiled and discovered.

To discover more on this topic, we ask you to keep an open mind and do your research on this narrative and dive deep.

-Remote sessions compiled by LR
-Alex Collier, Defending Sacred Ground, 1997
-Adapted from D'Oreal of Emerald Tablets, 1930
-Precipice of Evolution 1843
-UFO, Ancient Texts such As Egyptian Book of Dead & Ancient Civilizations Communities

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