Sun Tzu - The Art of War (Unabridged Audiobook)


The Art of War is an ancient guide on military strategy. Written by Sun Tzu a Chinese general and philosopher in the 5th Century B.C. It was created after he helped successfully defend the Chinese province of Wu against the province Chu.

The strategies in this book have been used for hundreds of years in military campaigns, business and sports. It is the ultimate guide on how to defeat an opposing force in whatever form that might take. Contrary to what we might expect, The Art of War actually advises to avoid fighting as much as possible by only striking targets that are weak and using manipulation to subdue the enemy.

Ultimately Sun Tzu teaches us how to have the advantage in conflict giving us the best possible chance of success. My hope for this production was to provide an exciting and digestible rendition of this ancient text that can help people learn these strategies for years to come.


Voice-over by Chris Lines

Chapter 1 Laying Plans 00:00:00
Chapter 2 Waging War 00:04:53
Chapter 3 Attack by Stratagem 00:09:09
Chapter 4 Tactical Dispositions 00:13:54
Chapter 5 Energy 00:17:26
Chapter 6 Weak Points and Strong 00:21:48
Chapter 7 Manoeuvring 00:28:14
Chapter 8 Variation In Tactics 00:34:00
Chapter 9 The Army on The March 00:37:02
Chapter 10 Terrain 00:44:39
Chapter 11 The Nine Situations 00:51:25
Chapter 12 The Attack by Fire 01:04:10
Chapter 13 The Use of Spies 01:07:47

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Translated from the Chinese
By LIONEL GILES, M.A. (1910)

This work is in the public domain because it was published before January 1, 1926.

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