Spiritual Forces for the Future in the Diffferent Nations by Rudolf Steiner

(Dornach, 18 December 1916)

"urgent request not to take notes: This of course did not apply to Helene Finckh, the official stenographer, who took down all Rudolf Steiner’s lectures from 1916 onwards."

"Aversion towards Germany. Central Europe as a reservoir of nations and a theatre of war, especially during the Thirty Years War. The concept of the state in Germany. The ‘great German’ and ‘little German’ options; the foundation of the Reich in 1871. Sir Edward Grey, Jaures, Delcassé, Clemenceau. The European alliances. The outbreak of war. Word and thought in the French, English, German and Russian languages. The task of the German nation. Etheric vibrations and machines. The spiritual forces for the future in the different nations: the forces of coming into being and dying away, eugenics, medicine based on spiritual knowledge. Lord Acton, Michael Faraday."

From "The Karma of Untruthfulness vol. 1 - CW 173"

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