Sexual Alchemy / White Tantra: The Key Is In Meditation on Ego


In this advanced esoteric explanation, discover how alchemy is utilized to eliminate the Ego and the “Kundabuffer” in order to awaken the true Kundalini of the Divine Mother. Understand the difference between the Lunar & Solar Astral Body and learn why the “NoFap movement" is lacking real knowledge. Also find out how to truly harness your sexual energy through pranayama in a safe way. This is a guide for serious practitioners of white tantric sacred sexuality, based on the universal principles of gnosis throughout all ancient traditions.

0:00 - Hidden Secret of the Gnostics, The State of Humanity & Disclaimer
12:07 - Power of Sexual Magic, Overcoming Ego & Spiritual Responsibility
16:45 - Depths of the Unconscious, Past Lives & Psychic Identifications
24:48 - Initiation, Kundalini Is Not Dangerous & the Kundabuffer
29:42 - Hero's Journey Into Hell, Inner Astral Words & Pinocchio
32:23 - Purpose of Alchemy, Ego Death & Astral Projection: Solar Bodies
38:46 - Prima Materia, Divine Mother & Working with the Holy Trinity
44:30 - Seed & Light of Christ, Hasnamussen, Bodhichitta & Rebirth
54:43 - Doing the Will of the Being, Purification, Lust & Dissolving Mercury
59:54 - Practicing Properly, Transmuting Sex Energy, Pranayama & Singles
1:10:21 - Sexual Abstinence, Repression, Aggression, Ignorance & Prayer
1:15:12 - Danger of NoFap, Poisonous Vibrations & Nuclear Power Plant
1:24:06 - Facing Lust, Power of Mental Control & Self-Observation
1:29:30 - No Success Without Love & Sacrifice & Gaining Your Own Gnosis
1:33:22 - Identifying the Christ Within, Personal Freedom & Motivation

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