Rudolf Steiner - Living Mental Images and Abstract Dead Thoughts


(October 15, 1921)

"Dull, I-like life of will and waking thought shadow-pictures; the awakening of the dull I through the appearance of the senses; union with the dead through concrete mental images not through abstract thoughts; reversal of sense experience in the life after death; the philosopher, Feuerbach, and his teachings; Richard Wagner; the totality of sense perceptions: warmth, light, chemical workings, life; refutation of relativity; the problem of spiritual weight; the loss of one's own being in intellectualism and regaining it in deeds out of pure thinking."

From "Cosmosophy volume 1 1921, a set of 11 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner (CW 207)"

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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