Ram Dass - Three Interviews


This is a compilation of 3 video interviews conducted with Ram Dass (2 before and 1 after he suffered a severe stroke in 1997 that caused him to struggle with debilitating aphasia). The interviews cover similar, related themes: selfless service; compassion in action; and conscious social activism.

The interviewers – Jeffrey Mishlove, Betsy Toll, & Roger Doudna – all evoke Ram Dass’s wisdom and tender heart (which Betsy appropriately points to with her reference to Joanna Macy's re-telling of the Shambhala Prophecy and the dismantling 'weapons' of Insight & Compassion), while discussing the myriad difficulties confronting those who walk the path of karma yoga while trying to remain socially conscious and ecologically mindful. Before his stroke, Ram Dass was for 3 decades perhaps the most articulate man in America -- at least on all matters "spiritual." He brought so many in the West through the gateless gate to the dharma -- the Johnny Appleseed of Advaita Vedanta in America. So many of Ram Dass's early students and friends are themselves now the leading teachers of the pathless path in the 21st Century. Namaste Ram Dass, and thank you Jeffrey, Betsy and Roger for these wonderfully accessible records of Ram Dass's (and Maharajji's) teachings.
ॐ Jai Jai Neem Karoli Baba
Kripa Karahu Aavie Sadbhava ॐ

Om Namo
Gurudev Namo

“If there’s one addiction that outlasts all the others, it’s the addiction to be free. It’s the addiction to come up for air, to live in the light, to live with love, to be spacious and present. To be Ahhhhh …” - Ram Dass


Ram Dass
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