Ram Dass - Being Free Together in Relationship (Full Lecture 1994)


What we offer one another as human beings is an environment. And in spending so much time in relationships, it only makes sense that we try to use them as a vehicle for awakening. But what does it mean to be a safe space for another human being, to not have an agenda in sharing time with each other? This process requires a shift in the way we view our relationships, and the function they serve in our lives. In looking through the lens of separateness we see relationships as a means to fulfill desires, reinforce identities, and defend the personalities we’ve worked so hard to maintain. In extricating ourselves from these desire systems we free the mind and body to be open to the appropriate response within any dynamic. We offer ourselves as needed but avoid getting caught up in the giving and receiving. We learn to honor and delight in the beauty of the intellect without being caught or attempting to trap others.

Recorded in August 1994 in Detroit, OR.

0:00 - 9:12 Living Dharmically
9: 13 - 11:30 Relationships and Separateness
11:30 - 13:20 Fulfilling Needs/ The Hierarchy of Desires
13:22 - 33:36 Escaping Rigid Roles and Personality Dynamics
33:37 - 36:18 Maharaj-ji Story
36:20 - 48:07 Terry Dobson Story
48:08 - 59:47 Relationships as Vehicles to Awakening
59:48 - 1:09:15 Being Stuck in Your Mindbox

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Ram Dass
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