Ram Dass -1976, Aspen CO - Oldest known video footage


Welcome to Soundings Mindful Media with Dean & Dudley Evenson. This Ram Dass video is the first of many historic videos and conscious media explorations we will be sharing on this channel so please subscribe and stay tuned.

With the recent passing of Baba Ram Dass (aka Dr. Richard Albert), we are excited to honor his memory with this lecture we just found in our vast video archive. Like so many in our generation, we were deeply inspired by his book BE HERE NOW and the stories of meditating in India with his guru, Maharaj-ji.

We first heard Ram Dass speak in Woodstock, NY where we lived at the time. Then in 1976, we videotaped this lecture while working with Grassroots TV, the Aspen public access television group. Ram Dass is also the reason we started our music label, Soundings of the Planet, in 1979. More on that story later. For now, let’s remember this amazing human, Baba Ram Dass. His wit and wisdom lives on in our hearts. We hope you enjoy watching and please comment on your experience with him and his prolific life's work. May we carry his spiritual legacy in our hearts. Thank you for sharing this video far and wide.

Ram Dass
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