Q'uo On Morphic Fields And More


Your consciousness generates a field about you that can influence the very material of your environment. [This field] particularly can influence those biological aspects of the second density and the third density. As you are generating this field, your imbalances, your biases—those aspects of self that have not yet been realized by the self, have not yet been healed by the self and brought into the light of the One Infinite Creator—present themselves within this field and offer an opportunity to the second-density entities, such as the virus or the bacteria to be drawn to and even changed by that field. There is an interface between these entities and the individual that manifests as a message or an alarm to the individual that these things exist within the individual’s field and they are being asked to be seen with the love of the Creator and to be balanced and healed within the consciousness of the individual.

Q'uo is a gathering of high density beings who are channeled by ll research.

For more on Q'uo check out https://www.llresearch.org

Posted with approval of ll research.

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