Psychology Based upon Anthroposophical World View as a Foundation for Teaching By Dr.Rudolf Steiner

Psychology based upon Anthroposophical world view as a foundation
for teaching. Concerning the empty concepts of modern psychology. The
central meaning of thinking and willing. The pictorial character of
thinking: reflection of prenatal experience. The will as a seed for
spiritsoul reality after death. The transformation of prenatal reality into
thoughts through the power of antipathy; the increase of this power to
memory and concept. The increase of the sympathetic power of willing
to imagination and living pictures. Blood and nerves: the tendency of the
nerves to become material, the tendency of the blood to become spiritual.
The intertwining of sympathy and antipathy in the brain, in the spinal
cord and in the sympathetic nervous system. The threefold aspects of the
human being: head, chest and limbs. The interactions of these three
aspects and their relationship to the cosmos. The development of willing
and thinking through pedagogy.

The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly, The Study of Man) (GA 293)


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