Rudolf Steiner - Poisons in the Social Sphere


(Dornach, 31 December 1916)

Poisons in the social sphere. No moral judgement of historical necessities. Judgements about history change with time. How can the seeming increase in world population be understood in relation to reincarnation? The spiritual background and the consequences of the Opium War. The ‘Chinesifying’ of Europe. The ‘social carcinoma’. Effect and significance of poisons. Bearer of the ego: metamorphosed poison substances of ancient Moon. Consciousness arises through the forces of decay. The healing powers of poisons: luciferic forces balanced by ahrimanic forces. The Baldur myth as an expression of how poisons work. G. S. Fullerton on Germany.

From "The Karma of Untruthfulness vol. 1 - CW 173"

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