Neville Goddard - On The Book Of Revelation (with discussion)


It was asked by someone present, would I please talk on the Book of Revelation, and I in an idle moment said yes… because here is the end of the play. You see, the whole vast world is a play. The word genesis means beginning; an apocalypse is the end—a complete unveiling of the purpose of the play. So I could no more explain Revelation in one hour than I could do the most impossible thing in this world. I wish I had asked you all to bring Bibles and simply ask me questions from the book, because you can’t separate the last scene of a play from the play and give it any meaning. You can’t possibly do it.

I can only tell you that God conceived the play. He not only conceived it and wrote all the parts, but he built all the scenery; and God and God alone is playing all the parts. His name is I AM. So you can say “I am”—that’s God. He’s playing that part that we call Mary or Jane or John, or by some other name. He’s playing that part. We are the incarnation of the tragedy and the glory of this divine play. We must not forget the glory in the tragedy. There’s more of the glory than of the tragedy, but when we are in that tragic state we tend to forget the glory. Now, to cover this would be impossible. But there are a few aspects of the great play that will stick into the mind of man and I thought I would pick these out tonight. Then when we come to the question period, then you can ask anything that I have forgotten or didn’t have the time to cover. It’s a play in seven acts and each act has seven scenes.

The first chapter is a prologue where it states the star of the play, and the star of the play is named Jesus Christ. You’ll find it in the seventh verse. Although the book itself is titled The Revelation of John, the first verse tells you whose revelation it really is, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Yet all Bibles will give you a title and call it the Revelation of John; yet the first verse tells you exactly whose revelation it is. In this prologue, the whole thing is set up what God intends to do.

The last chapter, the twenty-second chapter, from the sixth through to the end, is… you may call it an epilogue. Where in the beginning, which is Genesis, he needed a sun; in the end, there’s no need for the sun—we are light unto ourselves. In the beginning, there was an earth; in the end, there is a new earth. In the drama there is tragedy and tears, horrible things; in the end, he wipes away all tears. So Revelation is a complete wiping away of the entire picture as it started in the beginning.

Here, he speaks in Genesis of a serpent, which was the beginning of the exit from a state of bliss—and they speak of the serpent in Revelation. You might think, as I was taught to believe, it’s some horrible monster that in some strange way came into God’s picture, and it isn’t. There’s only God in this world. Did you ever run, as child, an obstacle race? Well, in little Barbados we had those. Our teachers would simply put a tarpaulin down, and it was as flat as this desk, and we had to run through this very tightly formed canvas, where it was anchored on both sides. Then, when we came out we were exhausted from getting through this very tight canvas. Then, maybe it was more difficult, you had to catch the greased pig. And that is life: an obstacle race. The opponent in this is God, and the being playing the part is God. And it’s called in the drama “the serpent.”
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