MPH Seminar: Spiritual Healing 2 - God as the Great Physician

Manly P. Hall Seminar Series: Spiritual Healing (5 parts)

Delivered in the Fall of 1956, these lectures cover spiritual and mental healing techniques and beliefs across cultures and throughout history. As always, Mr. Hall brings ancient and obscure knowledge into the modern era, making it easier to understand, and more practical to the application of these concepts to one’s own individual life.

* The recording quality of these 65 year old audio tapes are not of consistent quality or high fidelity. These have been digitized, optimized and formatted to be as listenable as possible. Please be mindful of the age of these old tapes, and that every effort has been made to make them better. We feel the audio quality is good enough for the interested listener, and that the content of the lectures in this seminar is most important. Thank you. *

1. The Healing Cults of Antiquity
Oct. 17, 1956

2. God as the Great Physician (This one)
Oct. 24, 1956

3. The Miracle as Proof of Faith
Oct. 31, 1956

4. The Beatitudes as Spiritual Therapy
Nov. 7, 1956

5. The Science of Religious Healing
Nov. 14, 1956

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