MPH Seminar: Practical Mysticism 4

Practical Mysticism in Modern Living:
A 5-part Seminar by Manly P. Hall

"Mystical Overtones in Culture and Society"

NOTE: This recording is cut short at the end and we are not sure why. It was like this on the original master tape, which we had access to. The rest of the lecture is interesting and adds to the overall seminar.

April 29, 1959
1. Mystical Content in Scientific Knowledge

May 6, 1959
2. Mystical Directives to Personal Action

May 13, 1959
3. Mystical Aspects of Modern Medicine

May 20, 1959
4. Mystical Overtones in Culture and Society (this one)

May 27, 1959
5. Mystical Trends in Modern Psychology

590520 Practical Mysticism 4
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