MPH Seminar: Five-Fold Nature of the Self 1: The Self that Senses

Seminar: The Five-Fold Nature of the Self
1: The Self That Senses

A series of lectures given by Manly P. Hall on the many aspects of ourselves. Dr. Carl Jung called the higher part of our natures as the Individuated or Transpersonal Self, or what many refer to as the ‘self’ with a ‘capital S’ - to distinguish our inner spiritual nature from our bodily lower nature, or ego self.

1. The Self That Senses (this one)
May 22, 1963

2. The Self That Thinks
May 29, 1963

3. The Self That Wills
June 5, 1963

4. The Self That Grows
June 12, 1963

5. The Real Self
June 19, 1963

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