Marduk: The Alien Who Owns Earth | Who Is Amun Ra?


This episode delves into a speculative interpretation of the Egyptian and Sumerian God who is now believed to a be real historical alien being on earth thousands of years ago, who is known as Amun Ra (often associated with Marduk in Sumerian texts). This episode presents a perspective that challenges conventional religious understanding, suggesting that when we say "AMEN" at the end of prayers, we are unknowingly paying homage to an ancient alien figure. The narrative presents Amun Ra (or Marduk) as an Annunaki alien with a lineage that includes both reptilian Draconian and Lyran Sirian ancestries.

This Annunaki lineage is described as originating from a union between beings from the Orion empire and the galactic worlds federation, resulting in a hybrid race. Marduk, the primary focus of this narrative, is the son of Enki, a central figure in Sumerian pantheon.

According to ancient text, Marduk, after ascending to power, wished to be the sole deity worshiped by humans. He initiated various conflicts on Earth, notably the pyramid wars, and directed biblical figures like Moses to wage battles against those who revered other deities. Such confrontations, the text suggests, are actually extraterrestrial disputes manifesting on Earth. Marduk's lineage and relationships with other extraterrestrials, like his brother Thoth, are also discussed. The passage paints Marduk as a powerful figure with immense capabilities, asserting his dominance over regions like ancient Egypt.

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Annunaki Royal Family Lineage
05:23 The Pyramid Wars
06:20 Outro

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