Manly P. Hall: Psychic Self-Destruction: Release the Mind from Regrets

Recorded on Nov 16, 1980, Manly P. Hall gave this lecture, "Psychic Self-Destruction: Releasing the Mind from Regrets and Self-Censure" in front of a live audience in Los Angeles.

Like very many of his lectures, Mr. Hall speaks about the futility of trying to blame others for our troubles, and instead, looking within for the solutions.

This was transcribed as Lecture Note 278. The CC subtitles on this video reflect the edited and approved transcript, which will differ slightly from the original audio. This is interesting, because it shows Manly Hall's process with 'correcting' his spoken word lecture into a written word pamphlet. Very little changes, mostly small edits for clarity and readability.

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Manly P. Hall
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