Maharishikaa- Self realization, expanding consciousness, living a life of joy!


As Philip asks a series of questions to see if he has understood Maharishikaa’s teachings on self realization correctly, her revolutionary Knowledge and futuristic teaching is unveiled with precision and clarity.

The Maharishikaa explains to him how when one takes up the practice of listening to, and acting from the Impulse of Truth, there is an expansion of consciousness out of the conceptual rational base station and into other realms of consciousness, and how if this spiritual experience is contained within the system, it becomes deeper and wider, bringing unparalleled equanimity and joy into one’s life.

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Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, is a revolutionary female mystic who fearlessly dares to demystify spirituality in her unrelenting call to realize Self, and act from Source. Detailed biography:

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