Maharishikaa - Rediscover your Soul, Self-Realisation (Preeti Upanishad)


From wanting to die to Self-Realisation. In this Upanishad, the Maharishikaa shows Joachim how to rediscover his Soul. Ten years ago, Joachim had an experience with a Tantric woman which left him disconnected from his Soul. Since then, life has seemed meaningless. He feels betrayed by life, and wants to die.

With tough love, the Maharishikaa reveals to him that it was the ego that maneuvered him into that illusion of Soullessness. In order to get out of the state he is in, he must let go of the idea that he has lost the Soul, and decide that the Soul is there for him, if he bends to it.

The enlightenment based meditation practices he has been undertaking have taken him away from this terrestrial life, rendering him incapable of dealing with what is around him. To rediscover joy, he will have to take up the process of self-realisation, become This, reintegrate into his body and face what has to be faced. Stop escaping the pain and start transforming it!

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Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, is a revolutionary female mystic who fearlessly dares to demystify spirituality in her unrelenting call to realize Self, and act from Source. Detailed biography:

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