Maharishikaa - Rediscover your Soul. No it’s not I AM meditation (Preeti Upanishad)


A few days later Maharishikaa is again answering Joachim, who, now relieved from the thoughts of giving up his life - after taking up the Surrender practice - raises the next questions that seekers who were on such meditation journeys ask. Does one become ‘That’, when one experiences It? Is practicing I AM meditation on the chakras a good idea? He also asks how the process of Surrender relates to the chakras and the cosmic experience of ‘That’. Can one surrender to the Chakras in an attempt to open them?

The Maharishikaa responds that this is not the case. In this transformational process there is an ‘I’ that is surrendering to something, which is the Soul, the Guru within. Surrendering means that when the Antarguru (Guru within) impulses one into action, one goes with that impulse. One surrenders neither to Chakras nor to Chai but rather to the inner Guru that impulses one into that action. In this process, there is no identification with that inner Guru. There is no I AM THAT!

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Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, is a revolutionary female mystic who fearlessly dares to demystify spirituality in her unrelenting call to realize Self, and act from Source. Detailed biography:

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