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When Anna asks the Maharishikaa about 'Primal Self’ and sexual identity on the journey of self realization, Maharishikaa speaks about a cutting edge Preeti Yoga Kriya (exercise) which awakens the evolutionary past which hides in the genes.
Demyistifying what actually happens during sexual exchange she reveals the role of sex as crucial for communication, and how sexual experience gives a tiny glimpse into what happens if one expands the consciousness beyond the emotional. From a futuristic evolutionary perspective, Anna comes to understand why she should leave her primal screaming of the spiritual past, and open up to the future of spirituality.

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Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, is a revolutionary female mystic who fearlessly dares to demystify spirituality in her unrelenting call to realize Self, and act from Source. Detailed biography:

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