Jiddu Krishnamurti, Bohm & Others - (Brockwood 1973, Discus. 1: We can only learn about...)


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J. Krishnamurti with David Bohm - Brockwood Park 1973 - Small Group Discussion 1: We can only learn about ourselves in the mirror of relationship

What are the effects and the nature of acceptance of authority?

What does the guru know more than the disciple?

If one is a light to oneself, which is natural and revealing, why should one accept the light of another?

What is myself? Can anybody teach me about myself?

Are we seeing through the eyes of the observer?

Only in the mirror of relationship is there learning.

I have an image about you, built in our relationship, so I cannot see you. If I have no image then I can see.

I am living with you and I am hurting you. How will you be free of me and live in the same house?

Can you observe me without the reaction of the image, which is knowledge?

Note: Some content is missing from the original recording.

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J. Krishnamurti
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