Jeremy Bentham - Utilitarianism | Pleasure Decoding Morality


Jeremy #bentham : Exploration on the intersections of pleasure, morality, and hidden forces. episode where intriguing questions unfold: Can #morality be decoded through a simple calculation instead of rigid rules? Could unraveling the pursuit of #pleasure unlock solutions to complex moral dilemmas? Have you ever considered if your daily choices are intimately connected to an undisclosed force?
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Key Points:
00:01 Utilitarianism explores morality through pleasure and rejects strict rules.
00:28 Utilitarianism, rooted in empiricism, originated in the 18th century with Jeremy Bentham.
01:23 Empiricism posits that all knowledge begins with sensory experience.
02:37 Utilitarianism asserts that humans primarily pursue pleasure, grounded in anthropological realism.
04:22 Bentham contends that the ultimate goal of human existence is the pursuit of happiness.
04:59 Utilitarianism rejects distinctions between higher and lower pleasures; pleasure is pleasure.
07:09 Bentham rejects traditional morality, viewing it as abstract and deceptive.
09:52 Utilitarianism promotes the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
13:10 Utilitarianism involves a moral arithmetic, maximizing pleasure and minimizing suffering.
20:05 Hedonistic calculus, based on rationality, helps individuals weigh pleasure against suffering.

➡️ video Description:
Why Jeremy Bentham ?
Listen Now and Uncover the Secrets Beyond Pleasure and Morality!
the roots of utilitarianism, an 18th-century philosophy that challenges traditional moral frameworks. Discover how Jeremy Bentham's radical ideas on pleasure, happiness, and morality could reshape your understanding of human existence. Is morality just a mask for the pursuit of pleasure, or does it serve a deeper purpose?
Key Topics:

Understanding Utilitarianism
Empiricism and Sensory Perception
Pleasure as the Core of Human Pursuit
#Hedonistic Calculus and Moral Arithmetic
The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number

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