Interview With RJ Spina on "Supercharged Frequency Ascension"


This is by far one of my favorite interviews I have ever done on the channel.

RJ Spina has devoted his adult life to teaching people how to raise their frequency, improve the quality of their life, heal themselves, and experience the blissful state of truly being free.

He’d spent the better part of his life exploring profound metaphysical truths through his own higher consciousness exploration, but it was waking up from emergency life-saving surgery still permanently paralyzed from chest-down paralysis that awakened him to the highest truth he’d ever encountered: he could heal himself and walk again. It was something that he instantaneously knew. And he knew how he would do it.

My body was destroyed, but I was free. It was as if my old operating system of awareness had been replaced with a greatly enhanced model with far greater receptivity, bandwidth, and processing ability. I knew immediately and precisely how I would heal myself. I was in a state of Grace and cosmic consciousness. I was truly free.

Within two months RJ was walking with the help of a physical therapist. On the one hundredth day after surgery, just as he had originally predicted on the very first day after emergency life-saving surgery, he was walking on his own. All the conditions he’d been diagnosed with—diabetes, pancreatitis, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism, and a syndrome called autonomic dysreflexia—had been resolved.

RJ has helped countless people. He has written dozens of articles about consciousness, the Greater Reality, meditation, the ability to project one’s consciousness, and the nature of the Self. He teaches meditation, self-realization, self-healing, and how to become a healer to seekers around the world.

His website is, and

The Ascend the Frequencies Instagram ( has more than twenty thousand followers.

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