Igor Kufayev - Awareness Manifests as the World: Unity in Diversity & Embodied Existence


In this potent discourse, Igor Kufayev outlines the pitfalls of applying the Advaita Vedantic perspective in the West and subsequently expounds on the core tenets of Kashmir Shaivism, elucidating how the absolute manifests in our embodied existence through a series of cascading transfigurations. Recorded in Oddechowo, Poland, October 2023.

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Igor Kufayev is leading expert in the field of human potential and personal transformation, professional artist and the founder of Flowing Wakefulness Organization. Speaking from direct realisation of Oneness, he inspires all people to recognise the fullest potential present in human birth. Igor Kufayev has been serving as a public speaker and retreat leader, offering transformational programs worldwide. Participants at Igor's programs have reported having access to higher states of consciousness, peak experiences, permanent relief from depression and spontaneous healing from chronic physical and psychological ailments.

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KUNDALINI: The Source of Ultimate Knowledge, Power & Joy: https://igorkufayev.org/kundalini/

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0:00 – 3:30 Making the Truth One’s Own Versus Indoctrination
3:30 – 9:08 Finding Refuge from Psychological Burdens in Spiritual Perspectives on Identity
9:08 – 11:55 Psychological Burdens: A Reminder of the Ultimate Identity of Being Human
11:55 – 17:13 Advaita Vedanta’s Perspective on the Absolute & the World
17:13 – 22:06 Why Adopting Advaita Vedanta in the West is Problematic
22:06 – 26:35 How Kashmir Shaivism is a Fitting Philosophical Perspective for the West
26:35 – 29:51 Fundamental Tenets of Kashmir Shaivism
29:51 – 33:01 From Shiva to Earth
33:01 – 36:44 The Upayas or “Means” of Kashmir Shaivism
36:44 – 39:23 Working with the Principle of Consciousness (Shaktopaya)
39:23 – 42:23 Awareness Cascading from Unity to Visceral Experience
42:23 – 45:46 Working from the Principle of Will (Shambhavopaya)

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