Human and Cosmic Thought by Rudolf Steiner

Human and Cosmic Thought CW 151, a cycle of four lectures given at the Second General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society, in Berlin, from 20th to the 23rd of January, 1914 by Rudolf Steiner. Revised translation by Charles Davy.

Lecture 1: Petrified Concepts and Concepts Brought into Movement (January 20, 1914)
Lecture 2: Contemplating the World from Twelve Different Standpoints (January 21, 1914) - 0:36:44
Lecture 3: Relation of Seven World-Outlook-Moods (Planets) to the Twelve Shades of World-Outlook (Zodiac) (January 22, 1914) - 1:21:28
Lecture 4: Man's Place in the Spiritual Cosmos. Man as a Thought of the Hierarchies. (January 23, 1914) - 2:03:20


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