Hidden Knowledge: The Gospel Of Thomas reveals the secret teachings of Jesus


Hidden knowledge of a 2000 year old lost gospel that reveals the secret teachings of Jesus.

Learn how the secret sayings of Jesus challenge the foundations of established religion, uncover the truth of how to pray the right way to manifest dynamic changes as outlined by renowned thought leader Gregg Braden, and dive into the heart of Gnosticism, a belief system that celebrates the pursuit of direct knowledge of the divine.

Here, you'll discover the connections between Jesus Christ's hidden teachings and the law of attraction, showcasing how ancient wisdom and the secret teachings of the Bible align with modern spirituality and alchemy. We'll explore the lost gospel of Thomas and its impact on religion, our understanding of God, and the transformative power of this knowledge that was hidden.

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0:00 - Mystical Insights of Jesus
2:41 - Gnosticism & the Quest for Divine Knowledge
4:01 - The Influence of Emperor Constantine on Christian Doctrine
7:02 - The Power of Thought & Emotion in Spiritual Practice (Gregg Braden)
10:58 - The Inner Light and the Journey of Self-Discovery
13:08 - Deciphering the Edited Verses: The Language of Prayer
15:53 - The Pursuit of Truth and Inner Power
22:42 - Introspection for Enlightenment

**The original Gregg Braden video source has been deleted. You can find his website at https://www.GreggBraden.com

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