Future Picture of Earth's Development By Dr Rudolf Steiner

Materialistic science and spiritual science as spiritual-cosmic events between moon's exit and return.
The spirit of natural science could give rise to a new kingdom of nature between mineral and plant in the form of shadowy,
living spider beings that cover the earth in web-like fashion during the latter's reunification with moon and lunar life.
Humanity would thereby be cut off from world's life and spirituality.
Cultivation of spiritual science facilitates arrival from other planets of
spiritual beings who are striving to come to earth since the end of the nineteenth century;
their activity becomes possible only by way of a thinking that grasps living, ensouled elements.
Path to this transformation: unification of clear thinking with artistic perception in a science
that simultaneously will become art. Goethe's teaching of morphology; his “Hymn to Nature”;
Nietzsche's picture of the valley of death.

From Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy


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