Further differentiation of Planetary Influences in the Astral Body By Rudolf Steiner

"Earthly man's connection with the planetary forces. As late as the fourth post-Atlantean epoch,
awareness of the ego development's link with sun; necessity today to regain this insight.
Polarity of sun and moon forces in structure of earthly man.
Differentiation of forces as noted through the process of eating: effects of earthly forces,
the circumference, moon, and sun forces. Further differentiation of planetary influences in astral body:
besides the sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are effective in “upper” man; in “lower” man, besides the moon,
Mercury and Venus. Constellation and earthly birth."

From "Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy"

(Titles of each videos are NOT actual titles given by Dr.Rudolf Steiner)


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