Friedrich Nietzsche - The Will to Power (Volume 2, Book 3 and 4) (Audiobook)


The Will to Power: An Attempted Transvaluation of All Values (Volume 2, Book 3 and 4) by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1910).

Contents of Volume II

Third Book. the Principles of a New Valuation.

I. The Will to Power in Science

(a) The Method of Investigation
(b) The Starting-Point of Epistemology
(c) The Belief in the "Ego" Subject
(d) Biology of the Instinct of Knowledge. Perspectivity
(e) The Origin of Reason and Logic
(f) Consciousness
(g) Judgment. True—False
(h) Against Causality
(i) The Thing-in-Itself and Appearance
(k) The Metaphysical Need
(l) The Biological Value of Knowledge
(m) Science

II. The Will to Power in Nature

1. The Mechanical Interpretation of the World
2. The Will to Power as Life
(a) The Organic Process
(b) Man
3. Theory of the Will to Power and of Valuations

III. The Will to Power As Exemplified in Society and in the Individual

1. Society and the State
2. The Individual

IV. The Will to Power in Art

Fourth Book. Discipline and Breeding.

I. The Order of Rank

1. The Doctrine of the Order of Rank
2. The Strong and the Weak
3. The Noble Man
4. The Lords of the Earth
5. The Great Man
6. The Highest Man as Lawgiver of the Future

II. Dionysus

III. Eternal Recurrence

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