Feeling in Relationship to Willing By Dr.Rudolf Steiner

The Foundations of Human Experience (formerly, The Study of Man) (GA 293)

"Feeling in relationship to willing. The nine aspects of the human being as
a willing being. The expression of will as instinct in the physical body,
drive in the etheric body, desire in the astral body; the absorption of will
into the I as motive in the soul; as wish in Spirit Self, intent in Life Spirit
and decision in Spirit Human. Psychoanalysis seeks the unconscious
willing of the “second person” in us. Intellectualism as will grown old
and feeling as developing will. Concerning socialist education. The
formation of feeling and will in education: cultivation of feeling through
unconscious repetition and cultivation of the will and strengthening the
power of decision through conscious repetition. The importance of
artistic activity in this connection."


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